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NO PIT CHERRIES is a Rock & Roll band with a little folk and a splash of many other genres, including Blues, Folk, and Alternative Rock. Comprised of four talented musicians, No Pit Cherries have the drive to play great music, and connect with fans in an electrifying way. Each person brings something different to the band giving NO PIT CHERRIES a unique sound.

Rocky’s interest in music began at an early age, being surrounded by a musical family made her curiosity grow, and at the age of eight she began teach herself to play the drum set. At twelve, she joined the band at Decauter Central Township Schools where she learned to play percussion, as well as many different styles of music. Rocky is a versatile drummer with her main focus in Jazz. Rocky always looked up to jazz drummers, like Gene Krupa, Mel Lewis, and Buddy Rich. She has a love for Rock music, as well. Her influnces include bands, like Led Zepplien, The Who, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and No Doubt. After high school graduation, Rocky began teaching percussion at many local Indiana schools, and after six years she followed her passion and was accepted to the University of Indianapolis School of music as a music education major.

Aaron grew up in the shadow of the grunge era, and began teaching himself to play guitar at the age of thirteen with musical influences ranging from Neil Young and Duane Allman, to Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. By the age of sixteen he was playing at live performances on a weekly basis, and had learned to play over seven different instruments. Most recently, a year at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music has played an influential role in progressing the musical theory and classical styling prevalent in his most recent compositions. Having played in Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, and many other groups; with many live performances, as well as being featured on several studio projects, the successful release of his first single “When We Were Young” featured on WIUX Bloomington 99.1 FM, and more recently work on the debut album Kyros (Moment of Truth) has helped developed a distinct and eclectic style of play that is both unique and exceptional.

Seth has been performing musically all his life. He started by singing in his parents church choir at the age of eight where he fell in love with music; from there he began sitting in on his family’s Saturday night music group while they sat in a circle and played old country songs, this invoked his desire to pick up the guitar, which he started playing at the age of sixteen. Mixing his country and bluegrass roots with his love of blues and rock & roll Seth has developed a unique sound and style of singing, and of play. Most recently he has pursued his passion for music at the University Of Indianapolis School Of Music becoming a vocal major for two years.

Kevin is the largest member of No Pit Cherries, giving him the nickname “Jumbo.” He was given his first bass in 2006 and started really focusing on that instrument during his college years. He is a self-taught musician and works hard in his spare time to try and learn more about music. When not practicing with the band or playing gigs, Kevin works at his regular job doing road construction. Kevin has an eclectic playing style influenced by some punk roots, ska, funk and rock. Some of his favorite bands are Anti-flag, Blink 182, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Kevin has been in a couple of other bands previously, but has been with No Pit Cherries since June of 2011.