No Pit Cherries is an alternative rock & roll band, with an undeniable classic rock veneer. Owing their roots to the Indianapolis music scene, the four members of No Pit Cherries; Kevin 'Jumbo' Boynton (Bass), Seth Chambers (Vocals, Guitar), Alicia 'Rocky' Rodriguez (Drums), and Aaron West (Lead Guitar) each have an eclectic style of play on their respective instruments that comes together in a captivating way for audiences of all ages and interests.

In developing this unique music collective over the past four years, the separate songwriting styles and influences of each member have been woven intricately together into a genre they have made all their own, garnering a great deal of respect from the local music community, and fans alike.

The distinct sound produced by this group is characterized not only by the wide-ranging influences of the four members, but also their ability to come together on each new project and create a very cohesive sound that is new and exciting for listeners of many different demographics. In concert they attempt to create a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere, often engaging with fans as well as new listeners.

They believe life is party, and you should bring the party with you wherever you go. This palpable energy is conveyed through their live performances, as well as in their studio endeavors, which have become increasingly more popular over the past four years.

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